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  • 4 VIP “Velvet Rope” Access Passes to redeem at future concerts.
  • Your personally branded website
  • Everything you need to discover and share all artists on Crowd
  • Everything to track the Customers, Members and Promoters in your Crowd, along with your monthly income

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  • First month’s 20 songs included at time of launch
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** FAST START BONUS: Limited Time Offer for New Promoters joining Crowd Music after July 1, 2018: When you enroll at least 5 others as Members or Promoter-Members, using your personal Promoter ID# in your first 30 Days, we’ll pay you a $50 Fast Start Bonus on top of everything else under the normal compensation plan.

Join as a “Founding Member Only” does NOT include the ability to track and earn monthly referral fees or any share of revenue.

* We are currently in a Pre-Launch Phase.  The First Month’s songs will be delivered at time of Official Launch.  Thank you songs will be delivered to your email address provided at signup, and will be sent the first Monday after you join. Monthly Subscription to 20 New Featured Song Selections begins in Month Two – after we launch. You can cancel Month Two and Future Subscriptions at any time. Lifetime Founding Member Status and Benefits to include such items as Backstage Passes, Private Events, and more as available.