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We believe in the value of music

The Writers of YOUR favorite songs are not paid fairly when music streams.

Artists need fans who value their music, not just their social media.

We love great music and believe in supporting those who create it.

We ALL become part of a CROWD that Buys Music, and Gets Paid for telling others about it.

Blockchain technology tracks and pays creators for their music,

and pays music listeners like YOU for every song purchased in your CROWD.

Together We Make A Difference.  Join Us.


Streaming Services have Artists give away music for little to no money, in exchange for “exposure”.   However, Songwriters, Producers, and Musicians don’t benefit from that same exposure.

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Create a CROWD willing to help restore VALUE to the music we all love.

HOW do you get enough people to join a movement like this?




Provide Great EXCLUSIVE Content and…

PAY Music Creators

PAY Music Listeners

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