It’s been said that a great book or a great song, a great painting, even a great line of poetry has the ability to look right through you. The title track of Brad Reynold’s most recent recording, The Prodigal, certainly qualifies. From its very first line, “you’re the sweet surrender stirring just beneath my skin,” you get a sense of its deep inward gaze; and you welcome the scrutiny.

For all its power to persuade, all its charm and penetration, and for all Brad himself has invested in it, listening to a Brad Reynolds song is one of the easiest things you will ever do. He fuses triumph and redemption and yet his songs do not preach with a heavy hand. They simply invite, and with an honesty and transparency, with an ease of spirit and voice that is rare even among artists. You may get a sense that Brad has suffered for his music, that he has purchased each song at a cost. Even so, his voice, the production, and the lyric itself are weightless and magnetic like his love of God. This is not an easy thing to achieve. Having spent almost thirty years learning and exercising the craft, his songs reflect this continuing love affair.

Born in Maryland, Brad’s family moved to Greenville, SC when he was four. Three years later he started learning and playing the guitar. Years later, with a deep itch to write and perform music (and recognizing a calling in his heart to do so) he moved to Nashville, TN in 2003. But his ambitions never included notoriety and fortune. He just wanted to write songs. And that’s the essence of Brad Reynolds. He has few pretensions, if any. Like their author, his songs are transparent and honest, redemptive, full of hope, and accessible at all levels of culture. Brad and his wife Kelley live in Spring Hill, Tennessee with their five beautiful children.

In a genre where “average” can seem common, Brad Reynolds has brought a bright light to the independent Christian music scene. “My heart’s desire is to truly convey the love of Christ to the world by using the gifts and life lessons God gives me”, emphasizes Brad. His songs tastefully and melodically point to the fact that we all fall short, but God’s grace and forgiveness are steady. At the same time his lyrics challenge Christians to always dig deeper to strengthen their relationship with Christ. It is worth noting, however, that Reynolds’ music is not just encouragement for the spiritually minded. The strong melody’s and clever hooks found throughout each original track of his debut CD “In The Real World” stand on their own merit as simply good entertainment, regardless of the listeners religious background. Brad Reynolds has proven that his unique abilities as a songwriter and artist are worth listening to, as a panel of music industry experts selected his original composition, “Anyway” as Christian Independent Song of the Year in 2008. That same year Brad was also nominated in the categories of Acoustic Artist of the Year and Album of the Year.

There is a synergy that develops in front of your eyes as Brad Reynolds takes the stage with acoustic guitar in hand, and begins to bring forth a mesmerizing vocalic sound. His compositions, such as, “Locksmith”, “In the Real World”, and “Anyway”, literally come alive. Brad is changing the way music is heard and felt, his songs breathe. In a day and age where radio is already a difficult line for independent artists to cross, Reynolds’ single “Anyway” has done just that. With spins on mainstream Christian radio becoming more frequent, including XM satellite radio, along with numerous performances at Nashville’s world famous Bluebird Café alongside nationally acclaimed singer/songwriters such as Dave Berg, Michael O’Brien, and Morgan Cryar just to name a few, Brad Reynolds’ music is sweeping throughout the nation. XM Radio Channel 32 “The Message” Music Director Jim Epperlein had this to say:

“Brad Reynolds is, in my humble opinion, today’s top Christian independent artist! As a tremendously gifted songwriter, producer and vocalist, Brad offers up the whole package. But even more than that, Brad’s heart and purpose is purely focused on ministry to The Body of Christ. His hit single “Anyway” is simply the very best independently produced song to ever air on XM 32 The Message. And we’ve got the testimonial e-mails to prove it!”

In the opening chorus line for “Anyway”, Brad states “Love is the only evidence against us that tells the world we’re guilty of a change!” With those words in hand and heart, Reynolds portrays the passion in this message emphatically throughout his music. Many have witnessed the strength behind the simple music, combined with profound lyrics. When brought together there is a unique ambiance that permeates the audience bringing them to a place of relevant, yet extravagant understanding of who and what Jesus is all about. Questions are formed, not always with answers, but this is what the character of Brad Reynolds is. He is a man who strives to never stop listening to the voice with which God has been leading him. He is a man who has emphatically stated an absolute “yes” he will go.

“Brad Reynolds is the real deal. I’ve had the privilege of playing in the round with him at the Bluebird Cafe as well as around the campfire where there are no studio tricks to hide behind. His lyrics and songs are honest and real, and delivered with a voice that pulls you in and won’t let go. And then when you add on top of this his stellar musicianship on the guitar, you’ve got one heck of an artist” from acclaimed country hit writer Dave Berg, (“Moments” – Emerson Drive, “Stupid Boy” Keith Urban, “Somebody” Reba McEntire). Keep your ears to the radio, for when you experience the music and heart of this singer/songwriter, Brad Reynolds, you will be truly blessed and pleasantly entertained.