Congratulations you’re now part of the “IN” Crowd!

You have the awesome opportunity to make money, and help others make money.

You’re part of this movement destined to help the those creating the music get compensated fairly, assuring they can continue to create more of the music we love in the future.

Together, we are creating a COMMUNITY beyond the reach of Wall Street Investors and Global Mega-Corporations who have profited far too long on the backs of Music Creators.

Every person you invite to join us ADDS to your residual monthly income.

With CROWD’S unique Referral Marketing model there is:

  • NO Pressure
  • NO Hype
  • No Sales Quotas
  • No Inventory or products to handle
  • No Direct Selling
  • No Renewal Fees
  • AND, your training and support is FREE.

Two Things that are important to know right away:

  1. Everyone Likes Music
  2. Everyone Likes Money

The Process of Growing Your Crowd is Simple and Easy to Work

  1. Invite someone to check it out
  2. Share the Video
  3. Enroll them into your Crowd
  4. Plug them into this training


Step 1. This is called the “Reach”

You simply send a direct message to one of your friends/contacts. You do this through text, FB Messenger, WhatsApp or any other medium you like.

OPTION A:  The “Soft” Approach.

  • Go to the music page on the website, select one of the Artists you like or that you know your friend would like.
  • Right click the address bar, and copy and paste the link in your message,
  • and type in space after the link and say, “Check out this Artist I’m helping promote and let me know what you think.”
  • Hey, check out this Artist and let me know what you think?  It’s a new music company that I’m working with

OPTION B:  The “Business” Approach.

Start with a simple, “Hey, do you have a minute?”

***Do NOT send the link to the video in the “Reach”. That would be SPAM and we do not spam people in CROWD Music. We operate respectfully.

In the Reach you say something like:

  • “I found a cool way to make money sharing music, wanna check it out too?”
  • “Have you heard about the awesome way to make money sharing music?”
  • “Would you be open to learning about a way to make money sharing music?”
  • “I found a simple way to make money by sharing music. Would you be open to watching a two minute video about it? If it’s not for you that’s okay.


Step 2. Send the video.


You can also share from Facebook, but again ONLY AFTER the Reach.

When they reply “YES”, you follow up with something like:

  • “This may or may not be for you, but I got in, and thought you might be interested too.  Check out this video link ( and I’ll call you in a couple minutes to see what you think.”
  • If you’re on the phone with them, simply direct them to YOUR company provided website:
  • You can also share from Facebook, but again ONLY AFTER the Reach.

Now it’s important to know that not everyone is going to want to join and that’s okay. Human nature says that if ten people have a need that only two are ready to act on that need right now, regardless of how great the opportunity is. You are just looking for the two in every ten.


Step 3. Follow up 

Ask them what they liked about the video.

You can also add: “It makes sense.  Everyone likes music and needs extra cash.  The way they’re paying Artists, you know they’re going to have some great exclusive content.  So it makes sense to get in early, and start building a Crowd before the subscription cycle starts, because it doesn’t cost another dime until we see that it’s working.”

The ones that get it, enroll them right away using YOUR PROMOTER number that you received when you joined.   The ones that say they’re not interested, simply reply, “No problem, I appreciate you taking a minute to check it out.  Would it be ok if I follow up with you to let you know after I receive my first check so that you can see it’s working?” (Remember, this is NOT about SALES.  It’s just about respectfully asking people to take a look).


Step 4. Once they’ve signed up, have them check out this page and get started!


Think about this: You only need five people to jump onboard and do these simple steps.  People are busy and overwhelmed (generally because they need an easy way to generate extra income).  Even with a need, generally only 2 out of 10 will have the time to respond.

To Fast Start, reach out to at least three people per day, of course you can

share with as many as you want to, but three per day is pretty simple to do.