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Industry projections are for 500,000,000 PAYING SUBSCRIBERS for Streaming Services by 2022.


How many of those would like an additional service that can pay for itself and cover the cost of their current streaming service?


Think about what happens if you decide to actively build your Crowd…

You earn a MINIMUM of $1.00 per month for every member in your Crowd.

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*See Compensation Plan for complete details.

“We love the idea of helping those who create great music.  Seeing the business opportunity to grow a huge income on the side with no risk, is just plain smart.”

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Where Artists & Fans Work Together to Get Paid

What if we could pay fans

to help promote Artists & Bands?


That’s the question that started it all.

Turns out… we can.

“We already share music with friends. Why not get paid?”

We simply cut out the middleman and pay those funds directly to you and your friends to promote and make it go viral.


*Success in this business requires hard work, dedication and good sales skills. The average Promoter in this business earns between $500 and $2,000 per year. Some earn less while some earn much more.

Rob & Makenzie B

“Music is a huge part of our lives. It’s the entire reason we moved to the Nashville area. Never before has there been a greater need for advocacy on behalf of artists and music lovers, and that’s exactly what Crowd Music does. And sure, making money by sharing music with friends is a fantastic benefit – but for us the real reward is knowing we are a part of a crucial movement that has every potential to positively shift the world of music as we know it.”

Sherry C.

“What excites me the most about Crowd Music? The integrity of the founders of Crowd Music. Mike Castronovo and David Browning have been given an A+ rating by the leading attorneys for their business model!”

Don B.

“With Crowd Music, we are witnessing the evolution of a music revolution. No longer will the Suits decide what is popular or who gets heard; it is the power of the people to promote the artists we love.”

Lisa B.

“As a music educator, I am thrilled how Crowd Music plans to give back to music education.”

Leeza P.

“What excites me most about Crowd music is the out of the main stream box talent that they are bringing to the stage!”

Keith M.

“What excites me most about Crowd Music is that it gives hope back to the creatives while rewarding the consumer for doing what they already do! Listening and sharing about the music they love! In an industry that is on its last breath, Crowd Music is a breath of fresh air that is changing the way new music is created and released to the world!”

Travis J.

“As a former signed touring artist and now medical sales rep working in a billion dollar industry, I've gained a unique perspective on the music industry and the business world at large. I predict Crowd Music to be the next big disruptive company that will rival the likes of Facebook, Spotify, Pandora, etc. in both popularity and filling a huge need in the marketplace. I can't wait to watch this company EXPLODE!”