Music. It’s Here.


Get a SAMPLING of the quality of music you can expect with this package of FREE BONUS SONGS that you'll receive when signing up as a PROMOTER & FOUNDING MEMBER in Crowd Music. These Artists & Bands believe in the value of music and support our mission. Visit their Artist Pages to checkout their music and their stories.




Artists that we will collectively support as the Crowd. Each month you will receive a list to choose 20 Songs from as part of your Monthly Subscription. Our Goal is to make sure these Featured Artists hit the top of the music charts. Each month, as the Crowd grows, the selection of available songs to choose from will grow.


Artists that the Crowd has determined are simply amazing!  They are worthy of being considered as “Featured Artists”, but there are only so many Featured Artists slots available each month as we start out.  Many of these Artists & Bands will be making Full Albums and Back Catalogs of their music available EXCLUSIVELY on Crowd Music.


Artists that the Crowd has identified and supported.  We don’t want a “handful of executives” at the top of the house deciding “who gets featured next”.  We want to hear from YOU as to which of these Artists should move up to the Featured & Premiere categories.


This is going to be exciting. This is the “ground floor” entry for New Artists & Bands.  All will be able to submit their songs for the CROWD to evaluate.  We as a company will not offer an opinion on these songs.  It will be up to YOU and the rest of the CROWD.  Think your music needs to be heard by the world?  This will be the place to bring it.