Getting Paid for the Music You Create is Awesome.

Getting Paid on ALL the Music Sold through Crowd is Game-Changing

(Why should Labels get paid on all the music but not those creating it?)

We’re Building This For YOU

As a Music Creator, you know the Music Industry needs a change.

It’s time that those who CREATE the music the world loves get fairly compensated when their work is successful.

You need to first understand:  We are BUILDING THIS TOGETHER.

That’s why we say, “Crowd Music is FOR YOU, it’s not About You“.

Thousands and thousands of Artists, Songwriters, Producers and Musicians are struggling INDIVIDUALLY to standout and “make it” in their music endeavors.  

The Big Labels and Streaming Services tell you that  “YOUR MUSIC IS WORTHLESS, give it away for free”.  At the very core of your being you KNOW that this is a lie! However, you cannot and WILL NOT change it on your own, but…

TOGETHER we CAN change it.

Take the time to learn how Crowd Music benefits you both NOW and in the FUTURE.

We Started With The End In Mind.

Build a CROWD big enough to have an IMPACT when it BUYS & PROMOTES the  music of a handful of “Featured Artists” that changes each month.

The Music is available EXCLUSIVELY through Crowd Music.

The bigger the CROWD grows, the more and more Artists wanting and able to participate.

We give the CROWD of Fans increasing control and say in WHICH ARTISTS get featured each month.

Eventually the “CROWD” becomes big enough, and is attracting all the “best” Artists and Bands because they’re getting paid fairly.  Consumers OUTSIDE of the “Crowd” return to the idea of paying a nominal price of $1.00 to $1.29 to OWN their favorite songs by their favorite artists.

At that point, ALL MUSIC CREATORS are benefitting because now they can ALL sell their music again at a fair market price.   In other words, the “Old Normal” has become the “New Normal” again.

However, to get to that point, we need to first “Build the Crowd”, and we do that by offering people a powerful financial incentive to participate. (Click here to learn more) 

Make no mistake:  We WANT to hear you music and ultimately help you sell it right here on Crowd.  Submit your music HERE, but ALSO join us in helping create the solution for ALL Music.