“Together, we have a real opportunity to make a long term positive impact in the world of music.  Music Creators get fairly compensated, and the icing on the cake is that you get to participate in the financial rewards of telling others about great artists and songs you discover on Crowd Music.  Your time is now, so seize the moment.” ~ Mike

From an early age Mike worked beside his dad, where he learned firsthand how to start a business, and the importance of honesty, integrity, and treating people fairly. He thinks outside the box, and has a history of predicting major market shifts, a trait that has served him well over a successful career in global financial markets.

Mike wasn’t looking to start a music company, but on January 22, 2014 he read a piece in the Wall Street Journal that opened his eyes to a massive problem.  He learned the current music industry wasn’t fairly compensating those who actually create the music we enjoy, which ultimately hurts all of us as music listeners and fans in the long run.  The more he dove in to trying to understand the problem, the more he was amazed that nobody had come up with a viable solution that would work for everyone.

A lifetime guitarist and songwriter himself, he was still far enough outside the industry that he was able to take a different perspective. He imagined how the music business could be changed in a way that would benefit everyone. And so Crowd Music was born.