“Sometimes opportunities appear and you need to seize the moment.” ~ Mike

From an early age Mike worked beside his dad, where he learned firsthand how to start a business, and the importance of honesty, integrity, and treating people fairly. He thinks outside the box, and has a history of predicting major market shifts, a trait that has served him well over a successful career in global financial markets.

Mike wasn’t looking to start a music company. He was looking to “protect his little girl” back in 2013 when she started pursuing her dreams in music. What he quickly discovered was a broken system that wasn’t fair to those actually creating the music we enjoy, which ultimately hurts all of us as music fans in the long run.

A lifetime guitarist and songwriter himself, he was still far enough outside the industry that he was able to take a different perspective. He imagined how the music business could be changed in a way that would benefit everyone. And so Crowd Music was born.