You can’t lose the weight. You can’t afford that car. You can’t go on that vacation…you can’t, you can’t, you can’t.

“If you can’t, then you must.”

Okay, admittedly, that is a Tony Robbins quote. Now, I am no motivational coach but I came across this quote today and realized how appropriate it was for what we are trying to do with Crowd Music. Today, at this point in time, the general public views the big streaming services as too big to fail. You can’t beat them.

So many songwriters and artists love to say “yeah, streaming doesn’t pay very well but at least it gives you exposure.” I can’t begin to tell you how backwards this thinking is. Just because something is the current reality does not mean it is permanent…or even right.

Let me put it this way, Spotify and the labels want us to think that if creatives give away their music for nearly free (or in many cases free) it will be great exposure and they will make money on concert tix and merchandise. Except that the labels now take a piece of concert tix and merchandise because, surprise, they don’t make enough money on that music they are now giving away for fractions of pennies! Why do artists and consumers go along with this unsustainable and damaging model? Because a great ad campaign and some big companies told them they should. I know I’m calling out most people a little bit but let me make it real plain with an example…

Try going into a museum and taking a beautiful Van Gogh off the wall, turning to the museum curator, handing them a few pennies and saying “it’s okay, I’m gonna hang this gorgeous work of art on the wall of my living room and invite a few friends over to see it. The exposure will be great for this Van Gogh guy I swear!” What would happen? You’d be ARRESTED that’s what would happen. Why is it okay to value music in this way?

Look, I realize not every artist is Van Gogh but that’s okay, just don’t buy the art you don’t like. It’s a free market! But, when you do find an artist, or song that you love…pay for it.

Okay, I hear you…”Honestly, streaming is just so easy and convenient.” I totally get that. Listening to music at the push of a button with no interruptions and not having any c.d. (anybody remember those?) to take up space is amazing! So let me set your mind at ease, I’m NOT saying streaming is bad. I love the idea of having access to any music at any time for a monthly fee. It’s an amazing idea that has been implemented very very poorly, due to big companies having to show constant profit to shareholders. So what IS the solution? How do you have all the choices of great music and still pay the creatives fairly?

Well, what if a company came along that was willing to give you amazing music, and actually pay you, the consumer, to share that music (thereby not having to worry about going public or shareholders)? Oh, and by the way, this company was gonna pay the songwriters and artists better than they’ve ever been paid before…sound like something you could get behind?

But wait…you can’t fly remember? You can’t sail around the world. You can’t walk on the moon. You can’t put value back into music.

“If you can’t, then you must.”

Here’s the thing friends…I’ve lost weight. I’ve bought a car I thought I couldn’t afford. I’ve been on a dream vacation. We’ve all flown in an airplane. We all know that you won’t fall off the edge of the earth when you sail it, and we took our first steps on the moon decades ago. Impossible things that we can’t do, we all do every single day.

So how do we accomplish the impossible? Well it takes dreamers and brilliant people, and the right timing. The good news is, everyone involved with Crowd Music are big time dreamers. The guys who started this company are brilliant and put a plan and a system in place already. As for timing,…well every new music company is in debt up to their ears, labels are not making enough money, artists are starving, and songwriters are leaving the business at an alarming rate.

The time is now.

You can’t bring value back to music?

“If you can’t, then you must.”

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