Garden City has joined CROWD MUSIC, a movement to bring justice to those creating music, both inside and outside the church.

CROWD MUSIC pays those creating great music, and pays Music Listeners for telling others about the songs they discover on CROWD.  

CROWD MUSIC also pays ongoing MONTHLY REFERRAL FEES for every subscribing Promoter-Member you invite to join you in the CROWD.

By sharing what Crowd Music is doing with just a handful of friends and helping them each do the same, you can easily cover the cost of your monthly subscription and start making money as well.

Ministries can generate ongoing Fundraising by simply engaging a few people to join the cause and support the future of music.

– Music Creators Get Paid.  

– Music Listeners Get Paid.

– Ministries Get Funded.

– Great Music continues to be Created for ALL of US to enjoy.

How To Help


  • Engage as a Church, Worship Leader, or Music Listener located in the U.S. JOIN as a “PROMOTER-MEMBER”
  • Engage as an Organization or someone OUTSIDE the U.S. JOIN as a “MEMBER” (we cannot pay Promoters outside the U.S. at this time, but we will be expanding into other countries as quickly as possible.