General Questions About Crowd Music

How Do I Sign Up?

Click the JOIN button at the top of the website.  It may ask you to re-enter the the Promoter ID number of the person who shared Crowd Music with you.  If you found us on your own, simply JOIN and we will get you connected to someone.

Currently we can only take on Promoters with a U.S. Social Security Number, or U.S. Business Tax ID Number.

What’s the Difference Between Promoter, Member & Both?

Promoters have the ability to earn referral fee income on songs purchased by individual Music Listeners (Consumers) and subscribing Members.

In the early stages of this movement, those who value music and understand that the future of it depends on allowing great creators (songwriters, musicians, etc…) to make a fair living for their creative work.  

A Member takes a Monthly Subscription to 20 Songs for $20, and has the option to purchase additional songs at the Member Price of $1 each. In the future, as Crowd Music grows, many Customers will choose to become Members as the selection of exclusive music grows.

To earn referral fees, a Promoter needs be “Active”. This means they need to either sell 20 songs per month, or have one Monthly Subscriber, who is not also a Promoter, as a Customer.   The Promoter can also meet the requirement to be Active simply by subscribing as a Member themselves (which is what most choose to do, especially since it would be hard to promote music you weren’t listening to yourself.   Because of this, especially during the early stages of Crowd Music, most will choose to be BOTH (a “Promoter & Member” (currently known as a “Promoter & Founding Member.

What’s a “Founding Member”?

Our first 50,000 Members are called “Founding Members”.  They receive a copy of the Thank You package of songs, and will have access to special privileges in the future as Crowd Music grows, such as backstage passes to meet & greets, etc.

What is the “Pre-Launch Phase”?

We will “launch” the Monthly Subscription once we reach 50,000 Members.  You don’t pay anything additional until the 2nd Month of the subscription cycle, when you start paying $20 per month.   The great thing is, you get to start building your Crowd now, so that you can be making money the first month that we launch.

When Does the Billing for my Monthly Subscription Start?

After we hit 50,000+ Members, we will start the Monthly Subscription cycle. You’ve already paid the first month when you joined as a Founding Member. You will start getting billed when the second month is ready to be delivered to you. Now is the time to start building your Crowd. Adding just 5 people cuts your monthly cost in half. Helping those 5 each do the same more than doubles your money (You would be paying $20/month and making a minimum of $47.50/month even prior to anyone purchasing individual songs.  Meaning from there your monthly income goes up.)

How Does My Crowd Build?

You’re part of a movement with Crowd to help bring value back to those creating the music we love.  $20 a month is a small commitment, but you can easily offset and cover that amount. There is no time limit, no recruiting requirements, and no sales requirements.  

You can make as little or as much as you desire, and do it at a pace that fits you.

The Compensation Plan on our website explains it in detail, but consider this for now:  Everyone loves music. Everyone loves extra cash. With the Music Industry estimating over 500 Million Paying Subscribers to Music Streaming Services by the year 2022, how many of those would like an additional service that not only pays for itself, but covers the cost of their current streaming service?  

Do you think you could find just ONE of those 500 Million every month for the next 5 months, and help them each do the same (Find 1 person a month to join your Crowd, and you can stop after 5 months)?   If you did JUST that, you would be making over $600 a year at the end of your first year, and over $1,200 by the end of your second year. Remember, this is if you invite a total of 5 (just one a month for five months) and then stop.  Just stay involved as a monthly subscribing Member, on a service where your selection will also continue to grow as your income continues to grow.

Is it a Pyramid?

Crowd Music allows you to benefit from the exponential growth of all the music purchased by every connection, six extensions out into your Crowd.  However, it’s designed to that ANYONE can earn more money than those who joined the Crowd before them. You’re compensated based on EFFORT and NOT on POSITION.  Crowd Music is the exact opposite of a pyramid. For a more in depth explanation, watch this short video.

Don’t you run out of people?

Understand first that we are building a Retail Business Model for both Music Creators and our Promoters to benefit from.  There are over 3 Billion people on the planet who listen to music on mobile devices. The Music Industry & Wall Street all agree that there will be over 500 Million Paying Subscribers by the year 2022.

At just 1% market share, Crowd Music would have over 5 Million Promoter-Members.  On our subscription model alone (not counting the individual purchases), we could release 200+ featured songs from various artists and genres EVERY MONTH, and the Average Artist would sell over 500,000 copies of their single (making it a “Gold Record”) and would earn over $200,000 for that one single song.  

Why is that important to you?   Because an Artist would need OVER 300,000,000 Premium Streams on a platform like Spotify to make the same amount of money.  For the handful of Artists who see numbers like that, Crowd Music may not be the strategic platform for them at the outset. However, the majority of great artists and bands see far less than 10,000,000 premium streams for a single.  So the logical question you need to ask yourself is this: If a great artist or band can make over 30 times more money on Crowd Music, will Crowd Music have enough great music being made available Exclusively by Artists who would want to have at least one single featured?

So think about it… Some of the very best new songs each month, from some of the best artists on the planet, available exclusively through Crowd Music, with 5 million Promoters talking about them on Social Media… Will there be demand from the 3 Billion Music Listeners (Consumers)?  Even if they only purchased one song per year, that would generate enough income to every Promoter to cover the cost of their monthly subscription even if they had NOBODY in their Crowd.

A Promoter doesn’t even need to wait until we reach a 1% market share of 5 million Promoter-Members.  If they invite 5 friends to join them, and help them each find just 2, they are already covering the cost of their subscription and making money every month.  In the meantime, they’re involved in a great cause to benefit the future of music for everyone by helping Music Creators get paid.

Is Crowd Music a Network Marketing/Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) Company?

Crowd Music is a new concept that is a Hybrid Compensation Model.  It’s a Referral Marketing (or Affiliate) Program, that pays out on multiple connections.  Unlike so many Network Marketing/MLM Companies, there’s NO Pressure, NO Hype, NO Sales Quotas, NO Inventory to purchase or products to handle, NO Renewal Fees, and your Training and Support is FREE.

How Do I Submit As An Artist?

Go to the “About Us” tab on the website and scroll down to where it says, “New Artists Submission”.

What If I Bring An Artist To Crowd Music?

The great thing for you is that your compensation is automatically built into our Compensation Plan.  View the video “Crowd for the Music Industry” and put yourself in the place of the “Manager” on the example shown.

Promoter/Member Questions

Where Do I Start?

If you’re serious about making money, whether it’s just enough to cover the cost of your Monthly Subscription or a whole lot more… We suggest you start by focusing just One Hour per day on the following:

  • LISTEN (start with your favorite genres) 15 minutes
  • SHARE (Make a list of all the people you want to share this with, and then share it with your first 3 people)  30 minutes
  • SET-UP Your Photo or Logo in BackStage (10 minutes)

How Do I Share the Whiteboard Animation Video?

You have two primary options after the “Reach” (see Promoter Support & Fast Start on the Community area of the website), you can:

  1. Send them a link to your company provided personal website: www.CrowdMusic.com/(Your Promoter ID# or Promoter Name)
  2. Go to the CrowdMusic.com website, and click the Play Button on the video.  As it opens, there is an icon that looks like a paper airplane on the top right corner, click on that, and it will open a variety of options for you to share the video link.

In BOTH scenarios you will want to FOLLOW UP a few minutes after you sent it to them to view, and use the steps found in the Promoter Support area mentioned above.

How Do I Invite Others to Join Crowd Music?

On the website, go to Community >>> Promoter Support >>> Fast Start and scroll down to “How To Do It”.  You can just use this link:  http://crowdmusic.com/promoter-support/ 

How Do I Login to BackStage?

BackStage is the Crowd Tracking and Payment Support Area of our website.  From the Main Menu, go to LOGIN, and then under “Promoter Login” enter your Promoter ID # that was assigned to you when you joined Crowd, along with the Password you created.

How Do I See My Crowd?

Once you Login to BackStage, click on “Organization” in the toolbar at the top of the page.  Next click on “View Your Crowd” in the menu on the left.

Why Are There People In My Crowd That I Don’t Know or Didn’t Personally Sign Up?

This is one of the most powerful and exciting pieces for those new to Crowd.  There are others who joined Crowd before you that will help you build your business over time.

Once you have your first 5 Promoters connected to you, the next person you bring in to Crowd (or when someone else connected to you brings in more than 5) those people can be assigned to someone else in YOUR Crowd.  Why is this good? Because you’re helping them make money (so they want to stay involved), and you’re still benefiting from the new person who “rolled out” to the existing connection in your Crowd.

This only happens through the “First 4 Extensions” of connections in your Crowd.  Once they all have a minimum of 5, you start adding the next 5 to your First Extension again (5 new Direct Connections to you), and the process repeats.   The system handles all of this automatically for you.

As the people connected to you in your 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th extensions continue to invite others to join, that eventually populates your 5th & 6th extensions.  

This is truly a “Pay It Forward” type of environment.  You help others succeed, and also continue to benefit from it as well.  As Crowd Music starts to pick up speed in it’s growth, this will occur faster and faster.   We’re still VERY early in our growth, and you are in as an “Early Adopter” (someone on the Ground Floor).  

Even if you feel you are not good at inviting others to join your Crowd, we encourage you to stay involved and allow the system to help you.  We’ve seen people invite their friends who took a pass initially being skeptical of it working. We’ve seen those same people start to benefit as those who came before them start to help their Crowd grow to the point of where they will be profitable, and when that person has the chance to later go back to those friend who originally said “No”, all of the sudden it’s a whole different conversation now that they see it working for someone else.

How Do I Get Paid?

Crowd Music offers you options for payment receipt.  You can transfer funds quickly and securely to banks worldwide in over 65 countries. We can also send payouts to any VISA or MasterCard.  Promoters can also use the referral fees due them to pay their monthly subscription.

When Do I Get Paid?

Crowd Music will make payments to all Promoters, Artists, Songwriters and/or any Rights Holders before the last day of the month for all music purchased in the prior month (our intent is to payout by the 15th of the month for all subscriptions in the current month, and all individual song purchases from the prior month).

How Do You Sign 5 People?

We see some people telling their friends, “Look, there’s going to be incredible music coming your way, and you can earn a $1 per month for every person connected to you in your Crowd.  You know me and you trust me, get in, you can thank me later.”

Maybe your personality likes a softer approach.  Checkout the Promoter Support area of the website for some easy ideas.

Remember, you can go as fast or slow as you like. Some people make it a goal to share it with just one person a month until they have 5.  You are not at risk of “losing someone in your Crowd” because there are NO Recruiting Requirements.

Where Do I Find My 20 Songs?

 Crowd Music is in a Pre-Launch phase.  We’re building our Promoter & Founding Member base to a level that gets music sales on the Billboard music charts, pays great Artists an amount that excites them to provide great exclusive music, and generates enough income for Promoters like you to want to stay involved.

Your $69 Promoter-Founding Member Fee includes:

  • The One-Time Promoter Sign-Up Fee ($49) which includes your company provided website to track all the Customers, Members & Promoters in your Crowd.
  • Your first month’s subscription with Crowd Music of 20 Songs, and 30+ additional BONUS songs as part of the “Thank You Package”, and all your digital marketing material as a Founding Member.

Every Monday evening we send out the “Thank You Package” to everyone that signed up as a Founding Member the previous week. You should expect to receive that the Monday following your order!

Keep an eye on your email for the Thank You Songs and for updates about when our Music Store and subscription program will “go live”.  You received a welcome email at sign up with the link to your digital Founding Member materials.

*PLEASE NOTE: You will NOT be charged a monthly $20 subscription membership fee until AFTER we begin releasing music, and starting with the SECOND month.

Is The Music Available On CD’s?

At this time the music is only available as a digital download.  You own the music and you are allowed to burn a copy to CD for your personal use.  When our mobile app launches you will be able to stream the music you own via a digital license.

Artist/Industry Questions

How do Artists, Songwriters, Producers, Managers, Coaches, and others in the industry take full advantage of what Crowd Music has to offer?

Crowd Music is first and foremost about paying those who create great music fairly.

Together with Music Listeners and Fans we’re creating a platform for exclusive music where people gladly pay for it.

We strongly encourage you to take just 10 minutes to fully understand the details by watching this short video: “Crowd for the Music Industry”.  The video will clarify how the following works…

Two Things:

  1. Almost everyone on the planet loves music.
  2. Almost everyone on the planet could use extra cash.
  • In Crowd Music the average Music Listener/Music Fan can easily share
  • Crowd with just 5 people and help them each do the same.
  • The average Music Listener/Fan who becomes a “PROMOTER-MEMBER” in Crowd will earn an estimated $500 to $2,000 per year.

Those who want to put in more effort to help those in their Crowd can earn SIGNIFICANTLY more.

  • An ARTIST with 1000 Followers/Fans who has just 1% join their Crowd (10 Fans) can earn an additional $5,000 to $20,000 per year.
  • A MANAGER, INDIE-LABEL, COACH, etc… with just 10 ARTISTS who each have 1000 Follower/Fans, who each only have just 1% (10 Fans) join their Crowd, can earn an additional $50,000 to $200,000 per year.

What if you know an ARTIST or MANAGER?

They can earn the amounts shown above and YOU can earn an EQUAL AMOUNT just for being the one who introduced them to Crowd Music.

As an Artist, How Do I Share This With My Fans/Followers?

As an Artist, you are in the unique position to promote Crowd Music to your audience and followers.  We work with all of our Artists to help them create their unique strategy that works for them. Please reach out to your contact in Crowd for your plan.   In the meantime, the short simple way from the stage is something like this:

“Hey, there’s an amazing new concept in music for Artists (like me) and Fans (like you).  It allows YOU to profit for sharing music. Not just mine, but EVERYONE’S MUSIC on the platform.  Hold up your cell phones right now. Go to CrowdMusic.com/(your Artist/Band name or Promoter #) you’ll see me at the top as “Your Crowd Connection”.  Forward that to yourself as a message right now to remind you and add my number (xxxxx) to your text so you remember it in case you close out of the page.  Then tonight or tomorrow I want you to go back in and JOIN ME.

You like music, right?!  You like extra money coming in every month, right?!

Are you with me?!!  Together we’re going to make some money, and support great music.”  

You can follow up the next day with a post on your Social Media as a reminder.  “Thanks to everyone who was there last night and who said they want to join my Crowd and make some money together supporting great music!   If you haven’t taken care of it already, here’s the link:”

As an Artist/Songwriter/Producer/Label How Do I Get Paid?

Crowd Music pays $0.40 cents on every song sold either as an individual download or as part of the monthly subscription.  You get paid by the 15th of the month following all sales delivered.

Do I Retain Ownership of My Music?

YES!  You retain 100% ownership of your music.  We only ask for a 1 year exclusive to market and promote any songs we agree to make available on Crowd Music (You agree to keep them off of any free/streaming platforms).  If we sell less than 100,000 copies (for featured songs, or amount agreed upon in writing for any premiere or highlighted songs) within the first year, you are free to market and promote those same songs as you wish.

As a Manager or Label, Trying to Make Money for My Artists, How Do I Get Them to “Buy-In” to the Idea of Spending $49 to Join and take a $20 Monthly Subscription?

How much have they invested in their music career?  From lessons to equipment, to self marketing and promotion… and how much are they earning monthly currently as a result?   How much will they continue to make every month if they were to stop all activity today?

For $70 they can invest in something that can lead to more monthly income than they currently make, and can last them throughout retirement.  They don’t spend another dime until they see that it works. How could anyone in good conscious NOT encourage them to take advantage of an opportunity where the downside is limited and the upside potential is unlimited?