How do Artists, Songwriters, Producers, Managers, Coaches, and others in the industry take full advantage of what Crowd Music has to offer?

Crowd Music is first and foremost about paying those who create great music fairly.

Together with Music Listeners and Fans we’re creating a platform for exclusive music where people gladly pay for it.

Two Things:

  1. Almost everyone on the planet loves music.
  2. Almost everyone on the planet could use extra cash.
  • In Crowd Music the average Music Listener/Music Fan can easily share Crowd with just 5 people and help them each do the same.
  • The average Music Listener/Fan who becomes a “PROMOTER-MEMBER” in Crowd will earn an estimated $500 to $2,000 per year.

Those who want to put in more effort to help those in their Crowd can earn SIGNIFICANTLY more.

  • An ARTIST with 1000 Followers/Fans who has just 1% join their Crowd (10 Fans) can earn an additional $5,000 to $20,000 per year.
  • A MANAGER, INDIE-LABEL, COACH, etc… with just 10 ARTISTS who each have 1000 Follower/Fans, who each only have just 1% (10 Fans) join their Crowd, can earn an additional $50,000 to $200,000 per year.

What if you know an ARTIST or MANAGER?

They can earn the amounts shown above and YOU can earn an EQUAL AMOUNT just for being the one who introduced them to Crowd Music.

Do I have to give up my favorite streaming service to be a part of Crowd?

We’re not even suggesting that you give up your favorite streaming service. We ARE offering you a way to cover your cost of their service as well as ours (which is something they don’t offer you!). It’s an apples to oranges comparison. We’re both music services, but that’s about all we have in common.

With Crowd Music:

  • You OWN the music vs RENT.
  • You get EXCLUSIVE NEW MUSIC that’s NOT available anywhere else.
  • As the Crowd GROWS, you’ll have access to a continually growing selection of the BEST music, which again, CAN’T be found anywhere else.
  • Your voice gets heard. Our Customers and Members have a say in which Artists and New Music gets released. We will be building pathways to increase your interaction with your favorite Artists and Bands.
  • And, of course for those who are interested, there is the opportunity to become a Promoter, which allows you to get paid for essentially sharing your favorite songs and playlists (Something the Streaming Services already ask you to do, they just don’t pay you for it).

Only twenty songs a month? That doesn’t seem like very much.

At the onset, we have to walk before we can run, so we are choosing fantastic artists and songs for you, covering the most-favored genres of today (pop, country, r&b, folk, etc.). As the Crowd subscription base grows, we will offer more options… The Monthly Subscription will remain at 20 Songs per month, but as the Crowd grows, the amount of songs to choose from will increase every month. So eventually there may be 100 or more songs from a wide variety of genres for you to choose from.

Our model allows Artists to get rewarded in a way that will ATTRACT the biggest and the best Artists to work with us. More great Artists, and more exclusive songs, leads to more Consumer Demand, and a growing business opportunity for all or our Promoters.

Won’t your system promote the piracy of music?

While it’s true that we’re delivering digital downloads in our monthly subscription service, we believe we WON’T have as many piracy issues with Crowd Music as other music businesses have had in the past. Realize this… everyone involved with Crowd is affected by the pirating of music… first, the artist, and second, YOU! As a promoter, relying on the income of not only subscription referrals, but also the retail sales of all Crowd songs and artists, pirating affects YOUR income potential. With thousands, and even millions, of Crowd promoters “on the watch” for piracy, we feel that we have a strong front to safeguard Crowd from extensive piracy. While we believe that piracy will never be fully eradicated, we also believe that we’ll put a major dent in the piracy issue because of the great people representing Crowd, both as artists and promoters.

What are the membership plans?

You can become a Member with Crowd Music for $20 a month. You then receive twenty EXCLUSIVE songs not available anywhere else every month. With this Membership, you can then purchase any additional song for sale on our website for $1, instead of the retail price of $1.29.

If you want to upgrade to become a Promoter, you can do that by paying a one time fee of $49 dollars to gain access to your personally branded website and all the marketing materials you need to grow your Crowd. Your Membership will be linked to your Promoter account when you upgrade. Check out the videos above on how to sign up!

*You can also simply purchase songs as a retail customer for $1.29 each.

Is this a “Pyramid”?

No. Crowd Music is unlike a the traditional business model where you have employees, who make less than managers, who make less than senior managers, who make less than executives, who all make less than the CEO at the top. Crowd Music is unlike the Ponzi schemes where those who join last lose out.

Our Compensation Plan was intentionally designed to make sure that anyone entering the Crowd at any point in time ALWAYS has the ability to earn more than the person who brought them into the Crowd.

We encourage you to study our Compensation Plan. You’ll find that ANYONE in Crowd has the opportunity and potential to become the Top Income Earner. There is nobody above you to limit you, so you have the opportunity to advance as far as you want.

You have the ability to benefit from exponential growth and ongoing residual income. You only need a very small amount of people to join your Crowd for you to become profitable. Many will join looking to share it with just a few others in order to lower or cover the cost of their monthly subscription with Crowd, along with a few other bills. Others will want to take full advantage of the opportunity the system offers to create an unlimited and ongoing income stream.

In Crowd Music, there are NO SALES or RECRUITMENT QUOTAS that you need to meet in order to maintain your position in Crowd. You simply remain a subscribing Member yourself, and you never lose any of the Customers, Members or Promoters in your Crowd.

Is this a Multi-Level (MLM) Network Marketing Company?

We are a Referral Fee Program. Crowd Music allows you to earn a referral fee on all the music purchased in your Crowd, by anyone within 6 connections to you.

Unlike a traditional MLM or Network Marketing company, in Crowd Music there is NO Pressure, NO Hype, NO Sales Quotas, NO Inventory or products to handle, NO Direct Selling, NO Renewal Fees, and your Training & Support is FREE.