“Kensington is young, witty, spirited, and dedicated.  Seems like a lot for a young lady, but she is wise beyond her years – especially when it comes to her music. She knows what she wants to do, and expressing it comes naturally.”

Nashville Music Guide couldn’t have said it better. 19-year-old American singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist is a “natural born star.” At only 2 years of age, Moore had her debut solo performance at her church singing, “He’s Got The Whole World In His Hands” – and the rest is history… she hasn’t stopped singing since.

Moore’s faith is a huge part of her foundation. It’s no coincidence that her love for music began in the church – she radiates her love for Jesus and quickly lights up a dark room.

Growing up in a musical family, Moore’s passion for music was inevitable. Surrounded by musicians, songwriters, and performers, Moore was consistently inspired to grow deeper into her craft.

By the time she was 12, it was very clear to her family and everyone around her that she was more than serious about pursuing this dream. Her small Kentucky hometown of 10,000 people could no longer fully provide what Moore needed to accomplish her career goals. In 2011, Moore’s family relocated to Music City.

Within the first year of living in Nashville, Moore released her first 5-song EP while also singing in an award winning acapella group, starred in a local hit musical production, spent countless hours writing and in the studio, studied nonstop to maintain her respected 4.0 GPA while attending a prestigious fine arts school, and balanced a somewhat “normal” life as a 13 year old. It may seem like a lot for a freshman in high school, but Moore handled it all with confidence and pure artistry, knowing it was only the beginning.

By the age of 16, Moore had completed high school and was frequently flying back and forth from Nashville to LA, working with well respected writers and producers. Alongside Pharrell, Adam Levine, Blake Shelton, and Gwen Stefani, she was featured on NBC’s “The Voice” and shortly thereafter released her second 6-song EP, “Queensland.”

Inspired by major jazz, r&b, and funk influences, Moore has created a new “sound” in the Pop world. The complex textures of Moore’s soulful voice will grab your attention with her crisp, yet subtle rasp, and clear, melodically accurate vocals. In the words of Adam Levine, Kensington’s voice “cuts.” The honesty in her tone projects the innocence of her youth while showcasing the maturity of her musicality.

Classically trained in piano and self-taught on guitar, Moore has taken her creativity even further. Through unique arrangements and mind-blowing melodies, she beautifully weaves together her honest lyrics to create a polished work of art. This masterpiece is a true reflection of her heart, as she desires to be completely transparent in all of her stories.

“I wear my heart out on my sleeve. Listen to my songs, and you’ll know my soul.”

With over 8 million combined YouTube views, Moore is confident that she was put on this earth to not only change the music industry, but the world.

Moore assertively states, “I want to be bold. I want to say the things that no one else will talk about but the world so desperately needs to hear.”

Her dedication, work ethic, and genuine heart to inspire others is immediately recognized by everyone she meets. Unlike many songwriters in today’s world, Moore’s intentions are so much deeper than “making a hit.”

“I pray that my stories give hope to the brokenhearted and encourage my generation to confidently fall in love with their uniqueness. It’s beautiful to be different – you don’t have to like what everyone else pretends to love. When we embrace who we really are and stand firm in our identity, nothing can take us down.”

Moore is truly in a lane of her own. Her heart is what the industry has needed for so long. With so many accomplishments under her belt at only 19, it is hard to believe that her journey has only just begun.

“Her bright personality, raspy and uniquely gifted voice, and deep love for the industry is sure to continue to set her apart. Kensington Moore is a star.”